Royal Kush

  • Indica / Sativa: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Royal Kush is a cross between old Afghani landrace lines and Skunk #1 from Northern California. She has an incense aroma and a hashy flavor with a hint of vanilla. We have had the Royal Kush cutting since the medical days, kindly gifted to us by a Vietnam Veteran. A fun hybrid to go camping or hiking with. Medium dense dark green buds with bright orange hairs. This is another rendition of our goal to seek out the most balanced high, peaceful and uplifting for both body and mind. More likely to make you feel content than focused, a hike with Royal Kush might not reach its destination but the flowers and views along the way will be appreciated in all their glory! She is a real looker in the garden with large fan leaves and trichomes that curl along the edges all the way to the tips of the leaves. frosty!